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Please choose from the list below the options of places you want to visit:

1/ K’Ho village:


15 km North of Dalat, center of the Lat community. Lat (Lach) people (-The indigenous people of Dalat. Population: 3.500 people in total. Language: Mon-Khmer family).

*Permission required.


2/ Tuyen Lam Lake:


7 km South of Dalat, 320 ha, the nicest lake of the city.


+ Truc Lam Zen monastery:


Over look Tuyen Lam Lake, at present is the biggest Zen University in Viet Nam. Please dress decently.


3/ Bao Dai’s Summer Palace:


3 km from Dalat’s center, where the last Emperor of Viet Nam- Bao Dai stayed and ruled his Viet Nam from 1949 to 1954.


4/ Datanla waterfall:


7 km South of Dalat, nice nature surround, peaceful path down hill, clean water.


5/ Crazy house:


the architecture that can not be explained nor described, just come and see!


6/ Lam Dong ethnic museum: 4 km East of Dalat, good show rooms of the hill tribe’s  artifacts, costumes, music instruments… and archeological sites of Lam Dong province. (closed on Sunday and Monday)



7/ Dalat botanic park:


a collection of a good number of flowers, orchids and plants.


8/ Dalat University:


4 km from the center. Established in 1957, funded by the Catholic Church of America and Michigan University, now is one of the major Universities of Viet Nam (13,000 students).


9/ Linh Phuoc Pagoda:


9 km East of Dalat, the most colorful decorated Pagoda of Dalat, caved with tens of thousands of beer bottles and broken china. Well worth a visit.


10/ Domaine de Marie Convent:


5 km from the center, a French   built Convent with remarkable architectural style and garden.


11/ Dalat Railway Station:


3 km from the center, the oldest and probably the nicest railway station of the Indochina. 7 km train ride is available.


12/ Prenn Waterfall:


10 km South of Dalat with a mini zoo.


13/ Valley Of Love:


6 km to the North, typical scenery of Dalat, dotted with lake, pine

hills and flowers, well-known for its Cow-boys, a good place for horse riding.


14/ Chinese Pagoda:


6 km from the center, located on a hilltop, famous for its 3 big wooden statues originated from Hong Kong.

It is also possible to visit the magic table (which can turn itself when people put their hands on and concentrate)


15/ Dalat biological research Institute:


a collection of stuff animals of the highlands including tiger, bear, wild board…


18/ Palace 1:


5 km from the center once was office of King Bao Dai concepts.


21/ Mang Linh coffee Plantation


10 km from Dalat, where the soil condition is just perfect for hundred of hectare of Arabica Coffee.


22/ Robin hill


Have a panoramic view to the city (you can take cable car ride 2 300m long to Truc Lam Meditation pagoda).


23/ Dalat Cathedral


When visitors arrive Dalat city, the first thing makes them feel impressive is the bell tower of the Cathedral which local people has called it “Cock church”. It is because there is a man – made cock stuck on the top of the tower. It is the biggest church in Dalat city which was designed and built by Frenchman.


24/Dream Hill


Dream Hill is embellished from Dragon Lake, which was constructed in 1978 and converted into a tourist resort since 1992, has now been transformed into a self-contained resort with a total new face. Mong Mo Hill resort is a tourist destination launched in 2003 to celebrate 110 years of Dalat formation and development.


25/ Dalat Shrink Tunnel


Situated between the green pine forest next to Truc Lam, “clay Tunnel” is a new tour of Da Lat. The sculpture is attractive for tourists not only by the exquisite art but also very unique and different.


26/ Van Hanh Zen Monastery


Van Hanh Zen Monastery is located at 39 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Ward 8, the city of Da Lat, Lam Dong Province. (Phone: 063.826487). Monastery not only attracted many monks and nuns everywhere, but also be a attractive tourist sight of Dalat.


27/ Golden Valley


Golden Valley  features a harmony of natural and man-made beauty. Under the shade of pine trees and green grass is a rock garden with several types of precious stones, such as chalcedony and agate, in different shapes from simple to meticulous, carved by nature and the hands of artisans.


28/ XQ Historical Village


XQ hand embroidery pictures contributed a new colour for Vietnam hand embroidery, It contributed to make a typical culture, a precious gift for Vietnamese people and meaningful souvenir for international visitors on their occasion to Viet Nam.



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1 pax 800 000 850 000 900 000 950 000 1 000 000
2 pax 550 000 600 000 650 000 700 000 750 000
3 pax 500 000 550 000 600 000 650 000 700 000
4 pax 450 000 500 000 550 000 600 000 650 000
5 pax 400 000 450 000 500 000 550 000 600 000


C Inclusive  : Transportation, English Speaking Guide, Entrance fee, Insurance

CExclusive : Meals


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